St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church

Blair, NE


Liturgical Roles

Lectors : Lectors are trained and are given a special mission by the Archdiocese to read the Sacred Text at the Celebration of the Eucharist.   Contact Fr. James Netusil at 402-426-3823 or Carol Schany at 402-681-5555.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Ministers are trained and given a special mission by the Archdiocese to dispense the Holy Eucharist during liturgical celebrations and by taking the Holy Eucharist to the sick and home bound. Contact Fr. James Netusil  at 402-426-3823 or Kathleen Adams at 402-533-2174. 

Altar Servers : Boys and Girls who have made their First Communion and are at least in 4th Grade are able to become Altar Servers. They assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and at other liturgical ceremonies. Contact Fr. James Netusil at 402-426-3823.

Adult Funeral Servers: Assist at daily mass and funeral liturgies. A special opportunity for retired persons. Contact Harold Ortmeier at 402-426-4482.

Ushers : Help gather people’s monetary gifts at the main collection and for the second collection taken for our building needs. Contact Fr. James Netusil  at 402-426-3823.

Advent Offertory Families : Families that light the Advent Wreath and bring the gifts of bread and wine to the Altar during weekend Masses of Advent. Contact Fr. James Netusil  at 402-426-3823 or Jane Sheehan at 402-426-2791.

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