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We believe that God created us for a loving relationship with Him.

We ruined that relationship with Him through the sin of Adam and Eve.

God’s mercy provided a way to restore that relationship by sending Jesus Christ, His son, to die for our sins.

This Church of Love and Mercy is waiting your response to the invitation to join.

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Helpful Links

Dynamic Catholic

-An incredible resource for those who want to be the best version of themselves that they can be

New Advent

-This site is a treasury of everything related to the Catholic faith. If you have a question, it has the answer.

Love Being Catholic

-This Facebook page includes inspirational Catholic posts and art. It's an online community of those united in one faith.

St. Francis Borgia's Facebook

-See what's new, leave a comment, like us!


-Everything Catholic. Prayers, information on Saints, the Bible, and events related to the Church.

Ascension Press

-A Catholic publishing company faithful to the teachings of the Church. Many books and pamphlets available. New Advent


-The Global Catholic Network, founded by Mother Angelica. They have an incredible amount of information available, in addition to a beautiful shop complete with many religious items.

Word Among Us

-The company that brings us the monthly Mass book has tons of information, books and other resources to help you in your spiritual life.

Tan Books

-This company is known as the ultimate source for books and resources based in conservative/traditional Catholic teachings. They also have a fantastic selection of religious art and cards.

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