National Catholic Youth Conference


The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) is an exciting, biennial four-day experience of prayer, community, and empowerment for Catholic teenagers and their adult chaperons. The schedule includes general and concurrent sessions addressing a wide variety of topics including forgiveness, Catholic spirituality and prayer. Global issues, sexuality, and leadership.



Held in Indianapolis in odd-numbered years. Please contact Jeff and Darla Zurek for more information.  


Who is it for?

NCYC is open to all Catholic high school age youth and their chaperons.


“If you’ve ever felt exiled or alone in your faith, this experience will change you for the rest of your life. 20,000 other Catholic teens…”

“It is so much fun to learn that even though these kids live so far away, they are exactly like my friends and me…”

“So many teenagers go to the conference as Catholics who never have known any faith but their own; NCYC makes them proud of their faith and church traditions. Parents have given their children faith but NCYC helps them make it their own…”

“The young church is active and alive, and NCYC proves that. They will come home realizing that they are not alone in their Catholic identity, and it is this ideal that will give them more confidence than they could have dreamed of before the conference.”

“Imagine what Sunday mass is like: 20,000+ people going up to communion, people singing, a cantor/choir leading them in song. Well, that’s what the final part of NCYC is like, except it’s a mass of 20,000+ people receiving the Body of Christ. 20,000 teenagers praising God in song at the top of their lungs, a group of students and musicians leading the group in song, 20,000 people holding hands reciting our Lord’s prayer as it was meant to be said. The final day mass is an incredibly powerful experience…never have I appreciated mass more in my life…the images of unity among the church left few eyes dry on that day. It is a day I will never forget.”

Saint Francis Borgia

Encountering Jesus  -  Equipping Disciples  -  Living Mercy

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